About Us

Semiconductor Technology Associates, Inc. is dedicated to providing custom Charge Coupled Devices to the commercial, aerospace, and scientific communities.  Our expertise lies in the design, fabrication, packaging and characterization of the finest CCDs available in the world, along with the development and delivery of custom CCD controllers and dewars.  Contact us if you need a custom CCD developed, or if you’re interested in using one of our existing designs.


Founder Dr. Richard Bredthauer was involved in the design and fabrication of a large variety of scientific imaging CCDs from 1975 to 2016. He managed CCD development at Lockheed Martin, Loral, Ford Aerospace, and Rockwell.  He designed the original 9k x 9k imager while at Lockheed Martin, and his CCDs included notable instruments such as Hubble’s WFPC2, all of the visible imagers on Cassini, the stereo camera in Mars Pathfinder, and most recently the lightning imager for GOES-R. In 2016, his son Dr. Greg Bredthauer became president of STA and took over daily operations. Greg has extensive experience both designing CCDs and the electronics to operate them. Senior engineers Kasey Boggs and Dr. Joe Tufts are both proficient at CCD characterization and cryostat design and assembly.