Overwhelmingly Large CCDs for Astronomical Applications

news-overwhelming-tnThis presentation from the 2009 Detectors for Astronomy conference gives an overview of applications for which STA has developed CCDs.

Download the PDF: Overwhelmingly Large CCDs for Astronomy



Update of the STA1600 10560 x 10560 high-resolution CCD

news-sta-1600-tnThis is our presentation from the 2010 SPIE Astronomical Telescopes and Instrumentation conference in San Diego.


  • Full 6” wafer imager
  • 10560 x 10560 pixels
  • 9 micron pixel
  • 111,513,600 pixels per frame
  • 16 dual stage high speed outputs
  • Backside thinned available
  • Acquisition speeds up to 1 frame/sec
  • Designed for US Naval Observatory

Download the PDF: Update of the STA1600 10560 x 10560 pixel high-resolution CCD