STA specializes in the development of custom CCD image sensors, controllers, and complete camera systems. We have designed, fabricated, and delivered purpose built CCDs for applications including astronomical surveys, aerial mapping, direct X-ray detection, and space-based sensors. Contact us to discuss your project's requirements.

DART Impact

One of the ATLAS cameras, using an STA1600, captured a fantastic video of the DART mission’s collision with the asteroid Dimorphos:

Archon DriverX Added

The new Archon DriverX module is a 12 channel version of the standard 8 channel clock driver. The additional channels have the same 14-bit 100 MHz waveform generation capabilities, but enable higher density controller configurations. Complete details are in the Archon manual.

STA4850 announced

STA4850 announced

STA is pleased to announce the STA4850, a 4k x 4k scientific CCD with 15 μm pixels and four low noise outputs.  It’s packaged on a high stability, high performance AlSi substrate, and is available in 30um epitaxial and 100um deep depletion variants. See more details here.