Archon Firmware

WARNING: Exercise caution when updating firmware. If a network or power failure occurs, you may need to return the system to STA or purchase a Xilinx JTAG programmer.

Listed below are the current Archon firmware files. For compatibility, it’s best to update to the latest version of the GUI and the latest firmware for all modules in the system at the same time.

Download the firmware files for the backplane and modules in your system (choose the firmware revision that matches the hardware revision of your system components). Unzip the downloaded files into *.mcs files. To flash the backplane, check the firmware and software entries under the System menu, and then select System->Flash. To flash a module, select the module slot in the Module menu, and the select Module->Flash. The system will erase, flash, and then verify the firmware. In the event of an error, first retry the flash operation without cycling power to the controller, and then contact STA.

Archon Backplane Rev F 1.0.1054 2019/01/14 changelog
Archon Backplane Rev E 1.0.1054 2019/01/14 changelog
Archon Backplane Rev D 1.0.879 2016/08/03 changelog
Archon Backplane Rev C 1.0.879 2016/08/03 changelog
Archon AD Rev H 1.0.860 2016/05/04
Archon AD Rev F 1.0.668 2015/01/20
Archon AD Rev E 1.0.537 2014/03/03
Archon Driver Rev D 1.0.719 2015/03/05
Archon Driver Rev C 1.0.379 2013/06/14
Archon HeaterX Rev A 1.0.1053 2019/01/14 – Added digital filtering
Archon Heater Rev D 1.0.788 2015/09/04
Archon Heater Rev C 1.0.788 2015/09/04
Archon HS Rev C 1.0.788 2015/09/04
Archon HVBias Rev D 1.0.836 2016/03/21
Archon HVXBias Rev A 1.0.833 2016/03/21
Archon LVBias Rev D 1.0.836 2016/03/21
Archon LVBias Rev C 1.0.836 2016/03/21
Archon LVXBias Rev A 1.0.1030 2018/10/10 – Fixed digital I/O readback
Archon LVDS Rev A 1.0.788 2015/09/04