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Archon is a high performance modular CCD controller with a gigabit ethernet interface intended for readout rates up to a few MHz. Continue Reading

Archon CCD controller announced

STA is excited to announce the availability of our next-generation CCD controller, Archon.  The system offers a simple fiber or copper gigabit ethernet interface.  Archon features a modular, 12 slot design that can digitize up to 16 CCD outputs at pixel rates up to a few MHz.  Digital CDS processing enables a typical SNR of… Continue Reading

STA4150 announced

STA is pleased to announce the STA4150, a 4k x 4k scientific CCD with 15 μm pixels and four low noise outputs.  See more details here. Continue Reading

First AST3 camera accepted and in transit to Antarctica

The first of 3 STA cameras has been accepted and installed by NIAOT for the AST3 (Antarctic Survey Telescope) project.  Each camera consists of a backside illuminated STA1600FT CCD (10k x 5k frame transfer, 9 μm pixel), a compact dewar with TEC cooling, and an STA Reflex camera controller.  The NAIOT announcement can be read… Continue Reading

URAT Camera Delivered to Navy

STA delivered the URAT camera to Norbert Zacharias at the USNO in Washington, D.C. in August of 2011.  The URAT camera is a focal plane of four 10k x 10k STA1600 CCDs with supporting guider CCDs, a liquid nitrogen cooled dewar, and the supporting camera controllers.  You can see images of the project on the… Continue Reading

Overwhelmingly Large CCDs

Overwhelmingly Large CCDs for Astronomical Applications This presentation from the 2009 Detectors for Astronomy conference gives an overview of applications for which STA has developed CCDs. Download the PDF: Overwhelmingly Large CCDs for Astronomy Continue Reading

Update of the STA1600 10560 x 10560 high-resolution CCD

This is our presentation from the 2010 SPIE Astronomical Telescopes and Instrumentation conference in San Diego. Summary: Full 6” wafer imager 10560 x 10560 pixels 9 micron pixel 111,513,600 pixels per frame 16 dual stage high speed outputs Backside thinned available Acquisition speeds up to 1 frame/sec Designed for US Naval Observatory Download the PDF:… Continue Reading

AST3 Cameras Status Update

This is our presentation from the 2010 Astronomy & Astrophysics in Antarctica conference in Xi’an, China.  It includes and update of our current work on a CCD camera system for the AST3 telescopes, and a description of recently developed CCD devices of interest for the astronomical community. Download the PDF: AST3 PDF of Presentation Continue Reading