The STA1600LN is a 10560 x 10560 image element solid state Charge Coupled Device (CCD) Full Frame sensor. This CCD is intended for use in high-resolution scientific, space based, industrial, and commercial electro-optical systems. The STA1600LN is organized in two halves each containing an array of 10560 horizontal by 5280 vertical photosites. The pixel spacing is 9μm x 9μm. For dark reference, each readout line is preceded by 10 dark pixels. This imager is available in a full frame transfer configuration (shown) or a split frame transfer configuration with shield metalization covering half of the imager. The split frame transfer architecture allows higher frame rate operation through four readout quadrants, whereas the single-sided approach allows readout through two readout quadrants. The STA1600LN is offered as a backside illuminated version for increased sensitivity and UV response in the same package configuration.


  • 10560 x 10560 Photosite Full Frame CCD Array
  • 9μm x 9μm Pixel 95.04mm x 95.04mm Image Area
  • 100% Fill Factor
  • Readout Noise 2e- at 50kHz and 5e- at 1MHz
  • Dynamic Range > 80dB
  • 16 Single Stage Source Follower Output Channels
  • Three-Phase Buried Channel NMOS Image area
  • Three-Phase Buried Channel Readout Registers
  • Multi-Pinned Phase (MPP) optional
  • Circular Package Design Option

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STA1600 Datasheet