The STA4150A is a 4096 x 4096 image element solid state Charge Coupled Device CCD sensor. This CCD is intended for use in high-resolution scientific, space based, industrial, and commercial electro-optical systems. The STA4150A is organized in two halves each containing an array of 4096 horizontal by 2048 vertical photosites. The STA4150A may be operated in either buried-channel or MPP mode. The pixel spacing is 15μm x 15μm. For dark reference, each readout line is preceded by 4 extended pixels. The single stage output architecture allows low noise operation through four readout sections. The STA4150A is offered as a backside illuminated version for increased sensitivity and UV response in the same package configuration.


  • 4096 x 4096 CCD Image Array
  • 15μm x 15μm Pixel
  • 61.44mm x 61.44mm Image Area
  • Near 100% Fill Factor
  • Readout Noise Less Than 3 Electrons at 100KHz
  • 4 Single Stage 3MHz Outputs
  • Three-Phase Buried Channel Image area
  • Multi-pinned Phase (MPP)
  • Three-Phase Buried Channel Readout Registers
  • Selectable Video Output Channels Backside Illuminated

Full details are available in the datasheet. Feel free to contact us for information on other variants or packages.

STA4150A Datasheet