The STA4850 is a 4080 x 4080 image element solid state Charge Coupled Device CCD sensor. This CCD is intended for use in high-resolution scientific, space based, industrial, and commercial electro-optical systems. The STA4850 is organized in two halves each containing an array of 4080 horizontal by 2040 vertical photosites. The pixels are 15um square. The single stage output architecture allows low noise operation through four readout sections. The STA4850 is back illuminated, and is packaged on a high stability, high performance AlSi substrate. It’s available in 30um epitaxial and 100um deep depletion variants.


  • 4080 x 4080 CCD Image Array
  • 15μm x 15μm Pixel
  • 61.2mm x 61.2mm Image Area
  • 100% Fill Factor
  • Readout Noise Less Than 3 Electrons at 100KHz
  • 4 Single Stage 100kHz – 1MHz Outputs
  • Three-Phase Buried Channel Image Area
  • Three-Phase Buried Channel Readout Registers
  • Selectable Video Output Channels
  • Back Illuminated
  • 30um Epitaxial and 100um Deep Depletion Variants

Full details are available in the datasheet. Feel free to contact us for information on other variants or packages.

STA4850 Datasheet